Birds Nest Designed Unique Bed

This unique bed nest design concept was developed by OGE group. OGE group is known for designing innovative and unique products, Birds Nest designed bed is an excellent example of this. This design could definitely be useful in tons of scenarios, mostly involving my bedroom.
This bed nest is created with wooden and filled with highly comfortable egg-shaped sitting poofs which allow ergonomic sitting positions and various configurations for relaxing and social exchange.
Birds Nest Bed
Unique Designed bed
bird nest with human
Birds nest bed is available in various sizes, OGE group say the largest of the nest beds could accommodate up to 16 people and is a whopping 4.5 meters wide! The Birds Nest Bed could be the perfect space for comfortable and inspiring place for resting, browsing the web, reading, relaxing, loving, talking, briefing, small kids party, and the best bit is that if anyone gets too tired from so much fun and games, they can just get cozy and doze off within their giant nest-like sanctuary.
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How 3D Printing Helping Disabled People

Exosuit is 3D printed suit which helps disabled people to walk again.

In 1992, a freak skiing accident left Amanda Boxtel paralyzed from the waist down. Her doctor said she would never walk again. But this week at the Singularity University summit in Budapest, Hungary, Boxtel was able to walk with the help of a 3D-printed exosuit.

The suit is the result of a collaboration between North Carolina-based 3D-printing company 3D Systems and California-based exoskeleton developers Ekso Bionics. To make it, developers scanned Boxtel’s legs and back with professional laser scanners. 3Dsystems used the scans to design several custom-fitted parts, which were then 3D printed in ultra-durable nylon.

Disabled People

The rest of the suit is comprised of motors and scanners, developed and tested by Ekso Bionics, that help wearers move their limbs.The onboard scanners detect the user’s motion, then tell the motors how much more power to add in order to help the wearer walk.

This isn’t the first so-called exosuit that Ekso Bionics has developed. It worked with military contractor Lockheed Martin to develop the HULC (Human Universal Load Carrier), a military exosuit to help soldiers carry heavy loads in the field.

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Start Camping On Land Or Water

Wants to have camping on water and land? Here is a product “Sealander Amphibious Trailer” which helps you to have camping on water and land both.
Amphibious Trailer designed and built by a German-based industrial designer Daniel Straub.
Produced as a boat and made of fiberglass reinforced plastic, the German vehicle has a 5 hp electric engine with low emissions and noise. Thanks to its waterproof shell, it works as a boat in the water but can also be hauled like a normal trailer on land. It was designed to be used in water without large currents or waves so it’s perfect for lakes and calm seas.

Sealander camping trailer
Sealander amphibious trailer
Sealander Amphibious Trailer’s shell is made of fiberglass reinforced plastic with a double bottom to prevent sinking in case of a leakage. Power is via a 5 hp electric motor which doubles as a source of energy for on-board devices.
The panoramic sunroof that can be opened or closed at any time, the inside of the trailer has seats that accommodates up to 6 people and can be converted into beds and also has a compact ‘kitchen’ Complete with a heater and cooler system, the minimalist yet cozy internal space has modular furniture that can be rearranged according to the user’s needs.

water and land camping trailer by Sealander amphibiouswater and land camping trailerSealander amphibious camping trailer

Enjoy your camping into water or land with Sealander Amphibious Trailer, You can get this about $20,400 depending on different designs and configurations.

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Private Luxurious Cocooning Lounge

Luxurious Cocooning Lounge offer you private retreat that can be used inside or outside. CocoOne lounge designed for accommodation of up to two people in and outdoors. It has hinged swing doors which protects you from the weather and create an exclusive privacy.
A great way to find some solitude in this busy world or spend time alone with a loved one. The inside of the CocoOne® has been designed to provide maximum comfort so you can relax and unwind.


CocoOne® is used in areas where people are looking to retreat in order to relax, sleep, read, work or talk undisturbed. check more details about Luxurious Cocooning Lounge.
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Hovering Tree Illusion – Germany

Hovering Tree illusion created by Daniel Siering and Mario Shu in Potsdam, Germany. Daniel Siering and Mario Shu wrapped this tree in a plastic sheeting and then mimicked the background landscape using detailed spray paint strokes to create the illusion of a tree cut in half.

Tree illusion


Two observations of this work: it took a lot of skill to paint a convincing representation of the background; and, it’s a really good thing the weather didn’t change while they painted. As it is, the work would be fantastic to see from a distance, and would certainly draw people from far afield. No trees were harmed in creating this work.

Hovering Tree Illusion Daniel Siering and Mario Shu in Potsdam Germany
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Self Cleaning Silic T-Shirts Thats Impossible To Stain

University student Amir Patel from San Francisco has created the Self Cleaning Silic T-shirt that is supposedly impossible to stain. According to Amir Patel: ‘Most liquid molecules will not be able to touch the fabric because of a microscopic layer of air that forms between the liquid and fabric. ‘This is because the fabric is layered with billions of silica particles. Water based liquids will form a 150 degree sphere and roll right off! As a result, this barrier protects your shirt from potential accidents.

silic tshirt

silic t shirt

Silic gets its name from the billions of silica particles that layer the fabric. Even when wearing a Silic t-shirt while working up a sweat, this liquid will evaporate into the air instead of into the fabric. For the shirts and t-shirt design, Amir Patel has teamed up with a former designer from Vera Wang.
Amir Patel’s launch of Silic t-shirt on Kickstarter has raised more than $130,000, while the initial funding goal is only $20,000. Orders will ship by May. The t-shirts will eventually be for sale in commercial stores.

The video hosted at Kickstarter shows the liquid ‘bouncing off’ the fabric without leaving any stain. when any liquid falls onto the Silic t-shirt, it transforms into beads and falls off the fabric without damaging it. This means there will be zero bacteria growth and apart from that, the shirt is anti-microbial.

Kickstarter calls it as ‘Self Cleaning Clothing with Hydrophobic Nanotechnology’.

According to Patel’s Kickstarter page, there are certain steps wearers have to take to make sure the T-shirts stays waterproof.
These include not using fabric softener in a machine wash, no bleaching or washing with colours and no ironing. Patel also advises wearers not to dry clean the shirt.
To reactivate the water repellency, the T-shirt must also be put through a tumble dryer on a low heat at least once every three washes.

Tizen – Android killer

When we thing of smartphone there are four OS that come to our mind: iOS, Android, Windows Phone and BlackBerry. Samsung Electronics is in a quiet push to make its Tizen operating system a part of the technology lexicon as familiar as Google’s Android or Apple’s iOS. Its ambition doesn’t stop there. Samsung sees the software in your car, fridge and television too.


Tizen is an open source operating system based on the Linux kernel and WebKit runtime. Considered an extremely flexible environment for application development in HTML5, Tizen’s touted to provide apps cross-platform accessibility. In plain English, that means the Tizen development framework allows developers to write once and use anywhere.

Tizen runs by Tizen Association includes a collection of 10 industry partners as its board members, many of them industry heavyweights: Fujitsu, Huawei, Intel, KT Corp, LG, NTT Docomo, Orange, Samsung, SK Telecom and Vodafone. Samsung promised to give out $4 million cash to the creators of the best Tizen apps.

Tizen – Android killer:

Android Alternative : Samsung smartphones come with a heavily skinned

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version of Android known as TouchWiz, which puts Samsung’s own spin on the Android interface and includes its own Samsung Apps store. Samsung desire to have an OS with more creative control, seeking to wean itself off Google. In a recent interview, Samsung’s own JK Shin told CNET that Tizen is more than just a side project, but also a “simple alternative for Android”.

App Developing Challenge : Samsung and Intel are pushing for developer support for their Tizen platform, especially when the companies are willing to put $4 million toward app creation. As part of the app development challenge. The developer behind the best game will be awarded $200,000, while the best non-gaming app will receive $120,000. The top 10 HTML 5-based applications will receive $50,000 each, and the total $4.04 million allotment will be spread across nine categories and 50 developers.

Multi-Window View, Floating Browsers : Tizen is likely to come with a multi-window feature similar to the Q Slide feature found on newer LG devices. Essentially, Tizen apps would be able to exist in either “full window” form or a “mini window” mode that would create a “floating browser” effect.

Not Just For Smartphones : Tizen’s website notes that the software will eventually be designed for tablets and netbooks as well as smartphones, but it’s also slated to come to Smart TVs, car & fridge.

Tizen operating system is already running : The company did announce at the Tizen Developer Summit in Seoul that Tizen is already running in one of its cameras, the NX300M. Available only in the South Korean market, the 20.3-megapixel NX300M is a version of the NX300 that features a 180-degree tilting display.

Tizen Lite & standard : Tizen’s “Lite” version will target devices with as low as 256MB RAM, as compared to Android 4.4 Kitkat’s 512MB RAM. Lite, as the name suggests, is the lighter version of Tizen, and is said to support a maximum of display of 320 x 480 resolution and will require a low 512MB ROM space to run. The standard version of Tizen requires a minimum of 512MB RAM and 1GB ROM space. It can support devices with up to 1280 x 720 resolution display.

Watch video of Samsung Tizen Z9005 RedWood


$14.5k Gold Earbuds – Happy Plugs Earbuds

So you stood outside all night to be the first person in line at your local Apple Store just to get your hands on a gold iPhone 5s. Or maybe you dropped upwards of a thousand dollars on eBay because you couldn’t track down a gilded Apple smartphone yourself. Either way, These 18-carat Gold Earbuds are the perfect accessory — as long as you have a cool US$14,500 to spare.

Gold earbuds


A Swedish goldsmith in Old Town, Stockholm, makes the headphones by hand. 18-carat solid gold is molded into the shape of the Happy Plugs Earbuds and 25 grams of gold are used for each pair of earphones, which gives the headphones weight as a large jewelry.

If you’re not a high roller like I am, the non-gold versions of these gold earbuds are available in a veritable rainbow of colors and are priced between $25 and $30.



Source : Happy plugs Earbuds

Blandito Transformable Soft Furniture

The Blandito is a creation of Oradaria Design, it’s billed as a transformable pad for lazy living. And by transform, they’re not kidding, since you can fold it and roll it and turn it into a wide host of things – from a sleeping mat to a chair to a loveseat to a bolster pillow to a couple other things you can dream up.
Blandito can be bent and shaped to suit an individual’s needs at any given moment. Once you find the shape you want, you can fix it in place using the wooden ball hooks that are included. This means Blandito can be used as a rug, a sleeping bag, a bean bag, or an armchair at the very least.



blandito italian furniture

The Blandito starts out life as a round and cushy mat that lies flat on the floor. Using oversized buttons and hook straps installed along the edges, you can fashion it into numerous shapes, many of which look like you’re being swallowed by a giant burrito (or, in some cases, a giant clam). It looks like a great play mat for kids, since they can play in it, sleep in it and even play with it.
Thanks to a flexible frame, multiple sizes and different colors, it’s easy to give your fantasy free reign and customize Blandito to your liking. Blandito is a completely handmade in Italy from machine-washable organic cotton. With a name that comes from combining “blanket” and “burrito,” Blandito is the perfect way to have a snooze and rest your tired bones.

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Mechanical Jewellery – Ring Watch

The future of Jewelry, fashionable and helpful. Don’t want to wear a watch? No problem!
Ring Clock or Ring watch is a mechanical ring, which displays the current time. It has three rings for displaying the hour, minutes and seconds. The current time is highlighted, and there is an indicator so the wearer can know which way to put it on.


The Ring Watch or ring clock is not big or flashy, but it is an ingenious idea. Most people don’t wear a watch, usually because they are too bulky . This product is now geared for production and already raised over $200k in crowd funding. It has a rechargeable lithium polymer battery that can be charged witlessly at distances of up to 4 cm. The ring watch will be made of a surgical steel which will be nice for people who have metal allergies.

It utilizes an ultra-thin rechargeable lithium polymer battery which should last about 3 years with 15 times of 1-minute activation per day. The maximum amount of charging time needed on the wireless Qi charger pad is 2 hours, and this is also where you set the time. You can choose either blue or orange LED’s for your ring, and it is said to be water-resistant. Sadly, the battery in this ring is non-replaceable, which means it won’t be functional past being a fancy-looking ring after that time. That being said, dropping anywhere from $195-250 on this seems a bit much. However, if this is something you’re really pining over, contributing to this first round may mean a discount for whenever they start refining it in the coming years. There always seems to be a bit of a risk with these projects, and you never know when it’s going to be worth it or not.

Ring watch

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