10 Funny But Misguided Life Hacks that You Must Definitely Ignore

Yes life hacks are amazing for extremely busy people who give everything to some how stand different in their lives but more than not, the life hacks that you come across are not useful. Keep yourself away from such life hacks…Take a look!

Nail Art

No matter how much someone tells you to give this a try, never ever do this. Toothpaste is meant to clean your teeth or soothe your bruises, not to decorate your nail.

Frozen Treat

Spaghetti is not something that you freeze and make a treat out of it. Just cook it the way it is supposed to be cooked and it’ll be all fine!

A New Place For Gun

I don’t know how this started or who gave this stupid idea a push online but this is a strict No-No for everyone.

The Wrong Adapter

It’s good to be a utility master but you should know where to draw a line. This is not acceptable by any chance. This just means risking your life.

Bad Phone Stand

This is not how you use your phone inside the washroom. What if the phone falls off?

Microwave It?

All of us know that you cannot do this. It is not really possible to be very honest.

Dentistry Whaaa???

Humans can go simply crazy sometimes. I don’t really get this.

Another Disappointment

Who could’ve possibly thought this? I really don’t wanna know.



If this is what you serve as a dessert, no one should ever come for dinner at your place.

Traveler’s Guide

Please never ever travel like this in your entire life.

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