10 Things You Did Not Know The Actual Use For

There are many little things which always make us go crazy about the reason for their existence. And we often use them incorrectly. But not anymore! Here’re 10 such things along with their reasons explained:

The Loop On The Shirt

Have you ever noticed the loop present on the backside of your shirt and wondered its purpose.  Well,  it can be used to hang the shirt but beware, it can lead to wrinkling of shirt or it can also help in fastening the tie.

A cylindrical structure on laptop’s cable

The purpose of this cylindrical structure,known as “Ferrite Bead”, is to lower the high frequency sounds in electric circuits.

Tiny holes in windows of an airplane 

These small details serve life saving purpose by equalizing the difference of pressure between the outer and inner window panels preventing breaking down of window panels.

The blue colored part of an eraser

This blue part is to remove the specks left after erasing from the pink part. When the consumers did not understand its actual use, the manufacturers started to sell the blue ones as ink erasers, even though, it was not its actual use.

Extra eyelets of sneakers

These extra eyelets of sneakers help in keeping the shoes at fix place and prevent the rubbing their rubbing at ankles. They also provide more firmness.

A hole in a spaghetti spoon

It helps in measuring a certain amount of spaghetti for one time serving. The amount that fits in the hole is actual measurement of one time serving.

A tiny pocket within the big pocket of the jeans

It is actually designed to hold pocket watches but, as now-a-days the pocket watches are not in use, these pockets do not serve for any purpose.

Extra scrap of material that comes with new clothes

It is provided so that you may wash it and see what will be the impact of  detergent on the clothe and can prevent it from getting damaged.

A hole in the top of a pen cap 

If you accidentally swallow the pen cap the hole will prevent you from getting suffocated.

The Rivets on the pocket of the jeans

Apparently those buttons are called rivets, and they’re there to prevent jeans from wearing out and ripping at the seam.

Check out all of them in this video

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