10 Unbelievably Expensive Boats Only The Richest Can Afford

Boating is a favourite pastime afforded by many but these ten boats are a privilege which can be enjoyed only by a few. A YouTube video showcases ten such unbelievably expensive yachts that only the richest can afford.

Superyacht A

Owned by Russian billionaire Andrey Melnichenko, this 400ft monstrosity houses the ultimate in luxury. The giant boat has a disco and glass-bottomed pool.


Designed by Brit Andrew Waugh, the 426ft superyacht comes with deck, jacuzzi, spa and cinema. It is so far just a concept waiting to be worked.


Italian designer Gabriel Peruzzi has wonderfully designed this mammoth vessel. It includes a master cabin perched at 125ft in the air, complete with infinity pool and bar.

Maltese Falcon

A part luxury yacht, part racing boat, this vessel was inspired by 19th-century clipper boats. The boat has its own collection of jet skis, wave runners and sea bobs.

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The Streets of Monaco

This impeccably beautiful boat has a US$1.1b (£888m) price tag. There are iconic replicas of the sights of Monaco built in on board, as well as a staggering atrium in the ship’s centre.


This super yacht made history in 2013 by becoming the largest yacht ever built. It’s owned by the President of the UAE and runs a length of 590ft.


Fluid dynamics and underwater ecosystems inspired the design of Jazz.


Closer to a cruise ship in design than a yacht, the Skyback is 262ft long. There’s a spa, gym, private cinema, retractable mezzanine and large conferable dance floor for entertainment.

Tropical Island Paradise

Designed as a replication of your own private island, this super yacht comes with a volcano and cascading waterfall.

History Supreme

This relatively compact vessel packs a punch in the details. It is absolutely beautiful and utterly luxurious.

Here is the compilation video of all these luxuries



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