12 Brilliant Life Hacks That Will Make Your 2017 The Best Year

In order to live an amazing life, you need to train your brain to do a lot of things that you might have never thought of. These things make your life simpler and better. Such are our hacks for you. Better your life with these hacks. Take a look…


#12 Cooling Your Laptop

The bottom of your Laptop is hotter than your crush all the time? A Simple solution. Get an empty crate of eggs, keep your Laptop on it and cool the bottom.

#11 Utilizing Your Oven/Microwave

Just in case you didn’t know how to heat 2 bowls at once in your own, we’ll help you. Look at the image, this is how you do it.

#10 Make 2 Pizza’s At Once

This is how you actually make 2 pizza’s at once. Very simple, all you have to do is use your brains a little.

#9 Stuck In Smoke

If ever you find yourself trapped in an environment full of smoke and you are suffocating, there is nothing weird in using a bra (men might need another alternative though).

#8 Soaking Sweat And Holding Your Phone

Let us give you an amazing life hack. This one hack will help you soak your body sweat and will also hold your phone for you. Never throw your old sock. Wear it the way it is shown in the image and you’ll be sorted for life.

#7 Strapless Bra?

Tired of the pain your bra causes? Make your own strapless bra and stay fit and live painless life.

#6 Fill An Extra Bucket

My friends, this is how you fill an extra bucket with water. A plastic bottle is all you need.

#5 The Key

Make Your Own Shopping Cart. This is how you get it with the help of a key.

#4 Soak The Humidity

In order to soak in the humidity on your car windows, simply use a cat litter filled in an old sock.

#3  Push It Up

Push up bras are a hack to comfortable lives in themselves.

#2 Hanging Clothes

The best way to hang your Clothes? Ya?

#1 Book Holder

Try your pants hanger to hang your book…

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