12 Everyday Things You’ve Been Doing Wrong

Not that we don’t really know about things that we do every day, but here’s the thing, if you get to know some quick hacks, you might just excel at the everyday stuff that you do. It will also save you time and resources! Let us look at these 12 things that you’ve been doing wrong all your life.

 Crossing Out Words

If you will cross the words with a single line or may be multiple lines, it will still be visible to the reader. So, if you want to cross out the words more efficiently, overlap them with words instead of striking them with a line.

 Organizing The Spray Bottle

Organizing the spray bottles really take a lot of space. Hence, instead of arranging them on rods, use a clothing rod to save up on space.

 Keep The Cords From Getting Tangled

You can wrap them with a plastic braid tie to keep them from tangling. It will save you a great deal of time.

Making a Bologna Sandwich

We know the effort you put through to ensure that you get a piece of bologna in each bite but you always miss out on the sides of the bread. However, if you will cut it into two halves, you’ll be able to effectively cover the entire bread

 Heating More Than One Item In Microwave

Well, use a coffee mug as a stand to heat two things simultaneously!

 Eating A Cupcake

Eating a cupcake can be a messy task but not if you cut the bread and cover the frosting to make it a cupcake sandwich. It will also ensure frosting in every bite.

Listening To Music On Your Phone

If you want to give a loudspeaker effect by playing a music on your phone, use plastic glasses to enhance the sound effect.

 Drinking Soda From A Can

The fizz of the soda will push the straw right out from the can, hence to make sure the straw stays, take advantage of the hole in the cap of the can

 Serving the drink outdoors

To prevent the insects or flies from spoiling the drink, use cupcake papers upside down on the glasses.

Peeing While Standing Up

Guys, just face it! You are not always good at your aim. So peeing while sitting down will not only be relaxing but you can also avoid the mess you create in the bathroom!

Cleaning the Microwave

Rather than spraying some chemical and scrubbing it till your hand go numb, you can alternatively keep some vinegar, lemon and water in a bowl in the microwave and turn it on for about five minutes. Leave the door closed for about 15 minutes and scrub off easily.

 Sorting The Laundry

Sorting the laundry is quite a task. To avoid it, purchase a dirty cloth storage that has three compartments, one for whites, another for covers and the third one for delicate. It will make the laundry sorting easier and faster!

Need a quick recap? Here’s the video


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