12 Ingenious Car Life Hacks That’ll Make Your Day

Life hacks are meant to simplify your life. They are unbelievably easy and absolutely wonderful. We’ve here compiled a list of 12 ingenious car life hacks that will surely make your day.

Want to drive while looking at Google Maps?  

We’ve got you covered. Just make a phone stand by using a clip easily and prevent it from falling.

Cleaning the AC

Cleaning the car AC can surely become a task unless you use a soft foam! WOW, isn’t it?

Snacking in Car

Snacking in a car is absolutely delightful but make sure you clean up well after it. Place some paper bowls so that cleaning is easy n effective.

Keeping Things Organised’

Hang these things on the seat rather just randomly keeping it on the seat. 

Keep the backseat clean

Here’s how you can organise the articles in a box.

Cleaning the Car

Cleaning the car is surely a task but don’t worry we’ve got awesome hacks for you. See the video to get some nice tips.

Avoiding Foggy Windshield

You can easily avoid foggy windshield by keeping 2-3 silicon pouch. It will readily absorb all the moisture from the car.

Why Shouldn’t You Warm Up Your Car When It’s Cool Outside?

It’s because the running engine wastes a lot of fuel and also damages the engine.

Having Parking Woes?

Don’t worry, we have got you covered! Just look at the video for awesome parking hacks.

Want to know How To Jump Start Your Car Correctly?

This knowledge comes really handy at times. Hence, you should know how to do that properly. Watch the video for step by step guidance for the same.

How To Escape Alive From A Sinking Car?

You should know how to escape a sinking car within a few seconds to avoid any fatal injuries. See through the steps in the video

The Meaning Of Symbols

Know what the symbols on the car mean in the video to be informed about your car.

From cleaning the car to escaping an accident, we’ve got impeccable car hacks for you! Watch the video below


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