7 Cool Illustrations Of How Things Work

It is always fascinating to see how actually things work. Technology never cease to amaze me! I mean, how have the inventors of these everyday things worked them out in this way. Some of the “how-this-works” videos and things are absolutely incredible. The design of these objects is so intricate that they will make you stunned with their working process. Let us look at seven such cool illustrations that we’ve compiled in a video!

 How A Sewing Machine Works

Ever wondered how the sewing machine which is used to sew clothes actually work? Well, you may have used it and know we install two threads in it before starting to work on it, but how actually does it sew the clothes? Just look at in the video below, it’s absolutely wonderful.

 How A Zip Works?

The working of a zip always took me by surprise when I was a kid, I used to see it from the backside of the cloth to see how the two sides of the zip lock themselves up when we pull it off but looking at this cool illustration of how it actually worked made my day! Look at it in the video below!

 Why Do Snowflakes Have 6 Spokes?

This is because of the structure of the water molecule. When they club together, they arrange themselves in a crystalline lattice forming a crystal with the hexagonal shape. And the snowflakes are formed along these spokes. Hence, it has six spokes!

 How Wisdom Teeth Are Removed?

Ah, that’s a complicated process, we all know wisdom teeth are the most posterior of the three molars and they generally erupt between the ages of 17 and 25. And don’t even ask how much pain do they give! So, most of the people consider extracting them! See the entire process in the video below!

 How Dentists Save Our Teeth?

Ever wondered what does actually the dentist do to save your teeth to relieve us from the pain that decay has been causing? Yes, we all know they clean the tooth entirely and fill it with enamel to fix it, but how! The process is oddly satisfying, watch it in the video underneath!

 How Tooth Decay Develops?

Tooth decay causes unimaginable pain! Ah, because the bacteria attack is disastrous! See it in the video underneath!

  How The Aurora Borealis Is Formed?

The Aurora is generally understood as an incredible light show caused by collisions between electrically charged particles released from the sun that enter the earth’s atmosphere and collide with gases such as oxygen and nitrogen. See the entire process in the video below.

Here’s the video explaining the working of these 7 everyday things!

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