7 Genius Works of Art That Will Make You Smile

Art is what gets humanity going. Every piece of art that you see brings about a sense of calmness in the realm of your senses. No matter how your mood is, these 7 works of art will cheer you up. Take a look…

Casuarina, Peru

No, you aren’t witnessing a scene from a wizard movie where a kid is flying on a bird. This is just a beautiful piece of art from Casuarina, Peru.

Calais, France

Wonder what Steve’s reaction would’ve been if he was alive. I am just stunned to see the amount of talent stored in people. Whoever is the artist of this art is immensely blessed.

Stockholm, Sweden

I think someone just entered my dreams and stole this image from there to paint it on the streets of Sweden. This is so pretty.

Tauranga, New Zealand

Back to back heart warming pictures as beautiful art is making my day absolutely amazing. The lady here (virtual of course) looks so gorgeous. This is absolutely stunning.

Bobowa, Poland

Hey, I want a house like this. The design looks so pretty and distilled. It is literally increasing the attraction quotient of this house at least 50 times more than what it actually is.

Inappropriate Nature

The exact location of this graffiti is unknown but this goes on to show that our nature is an artist as well and by the looks of it, it is a very inappropriate artist.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

And finally this, the display here looks so amazing and extremely fulfilling. Is it only me or this old lady actually reminds you of your Grandma?

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