7 Tips that May Save Your Life One Day

Life is really unpredictable, you never know where it takes you through, so you should be prepared for all the adverse situations that may come by. We’ve here compiled a list of seven life tips that might literally save your life one day.

#1 Escaping Through Ice

Remember, if you ever fall into ice, you’ll have only ten minutes before your muscles will finally give up. So, firstly, you’ll need to stop panicking. Next, do not ever remove your clothes as the air in your clothes will keep you afloat. Try to figure out the way you went in and use the same to climb out of it. Wherever the ice is a bit hard, place your arms on it and pull your body out of it.  Once you’re out of the ice, lie spreadable over the ice so that your weight is distributed evenly. Next, crawl or even roll towards the shore and off of the ice. Go to a warm place immediately.

#2 If You’re Stuck In A Falling Elevator

Though the chances are very less, if this happens you should immediately lie on the floor of the elevator and keep one of your hand below your head and one above the head to protect it from the impact of the fall and also keep you protected from the debris that might fall from the above. Never jump in a falling elevator and also don’t stand or sit, the best possible way to nullify the effect of impact is to lie down!

#3 If You Are Stuck In Drowning Car

This one is really crucial one! Remove your seat belt immediately and open the window before it gets jammed by the water. You’ll need to come out from the window as the door might have been jammed by then. If you can’t open the window, then break it using the emergency hammer. Try breaking the corners first and escape out from the window and swim to the shore.

#4 When A Thunderstorm Strikes

These are really dangerous but you can avoid them when the thunderstorm strikes, but here are some tips to prevent yourself from its effect. Avoid using regular telephones at the home during the thunderstorm, do not ride a bike as it can attract the lighting, do not even go near the water bodies and never take a refuge under the tree

#5 What You Should Do During A Stroke?

Recognising the first signs of the stroke can save a person’s life. So, here’s you should ask the person to do to know if he/she is having a stroke. Ask the person to smile. If they cannot smile or their face becomes contorted, they are likely having a stroke. You can also ask them to stick out their tongue. If they do so and their tongue is crooked, that is a sign. Also,  you can ask them to say their name and raise their arms. Another sign of a stroke is difficulty speaking and the inability to move. If you are sure the person is having a stroke, call the ambulance immediately as the person having a stroke only has three hours to avoid damages to the brain that cannot be reversed.

#6 Saving Someone From Drowning

Knowing this might be really useful for other people who will perhaps need your help. Remember, while trying to save someone from drowning, you should swim with them backwards towards the shore. If someone is drowning in the pool, throw a floating device at them so that they can come up, if there’s nothing in there, jump in the pool and grab the person under their armpit and bring them up to the surface.

#7 Getting Out From A Rip Current

Rip currents are generally formed when tidal water starts to retreat during a low tide. Always remember that rip currents never pull you underwater and they are just two to three meters wide. So, if you’re really smart, you can easily escape them. So, if you’re ever stuck in them, do not try to struggle against them to come back to the shore rather swim parallel to the shore.

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