A 52-Year-Old Estonian Contortionist Performed In America’s Got Talent – Watch The Amazing Performance

The number of realty shows on our television is equivalent to the number of stars in the sky (exaggerating but try and understand the sentiment behind). This performance though will go down as one of the best performances ever on TV. Take a look…

Reality Shows

The world is witnessing the emergence of this amazing thing called reality shows on TV. We don’t really have any clue about how real these reality shows are but all of us enjoy them thoroughly. Right from all your Got Talents to X factors and The Voices, our TV has it all.

There are millions of people who have tried their luck in such shows but then there are very a few performances that leave their effect for longer period of time. This performance by a 52 year old man is one such performance.

America’s Got Talent

This 52 year old Estonian man took everyone by surprise with his performance. The jury and the audience of America’s Got Talent were in awe of this man’s performance. Also, he is in an amazing shape for a 52 year old human. In the beginning, the communication seems a problem, especially when the jury asks the man what he is doing for living.

He answered that that he teaches acrobatics to kids. This leads to some confusion and a lot of jokes as well. Honestly, no one would’ve taken this man seriously then. But once he starts performing, brilliant! This is absolutely amazing.

The Performance

His strong accent notwithstanding, Vello impresses the jury with his breathtaking talent and flexibility and well, after watching this, you’ll now have flexibility goals. I don’t know anyone of this age who can pull something like this off with such ease.

You’ll understand what I am saying once you witness it yourself. You are simply gonna love this. Take a look.

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