Are You Afraid Of Flying? You Should Not Watch This. OMG

If you get a very uneasy feeling in the air and flying is just not your thing, you are going to get a panic attack after watching this. I have no words to describe this. Thank God I wasn’t in this flight. Take a look.

#2 Flying


Flying is just not everyone’s thing. You don’t have to be a batman or a spider man to fly of course. But it is just that planes sometimes take away a better part of you. The experience is different altogether and not everyone tends to enjoy it.

At the same time, you cannot even ignore the fact that while flying in the air, you are completely at the mercy of the pilot. Speaking of pilots, cross winds always pose a problem for them. Most of the plane crashes occur due to this. You have no idea what cross winds did with this plane.

Keep reading ahead to see the video.

#1 The Video

The crosswind this time disturbed the complete balance of the plane. These winds were so strong that it shook the extremely heavy body of this plane completely. This is scary. Think about the passengers inside. These cross winds are the reason why people are afraid of flying sometimes.

Checkout this video here and you’ll get goosebumps for sure. Take a look!


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