Blandito Transformable Soft Furniture

The Blandito is a creation of Oradaria Design, it’s billed as a convertible pad for lazy living by transforming. They’re not kidding, since you can fold it and roll it and turn it into a wide host of things – from a sleeping mat to a chair to a loveseat to a bolster pillow to a couple other things you can dream up.
Blandito can be bent and shaped to suit an individual’s needs at any given moment. Once you find the shape you want, you can fix it in place using the wooden ball hooks that are included. This means Blandito can be used as a rug, a sleeping bag, a bean bag, or an armchair at the very least.



blandito italian furniture

The Blandito starts out life as a round and cushy mat that lies flat on the floor. Using oversized buttons and hook straps installed along the edges, you can fashion it into numerous shapes, many of which look like you’re being swallowed by a giant burrito (or, in some cases, a giant clam). It looks like a great play mat for kids, since they can play in it, sleep in it and even play with it.
Thanks to a flexible frame, multiple sizes and different colors, it’s easy to give your fantasy free reign and customize Blandito to your liking. Blandito is a completely handmade in Italy from machine-washable organic cotton. With a name that comes from combining “blanket” and “burrito,” Blandito is the perfect way to have a snooze and rest your tired bones.

Via- Oradariadesign

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