Brand Logos With Hidden Messages

#10. Coca-Cola

Coca cola hidden message

The soda brand’s campaign in Denmark points out something you may have missed, with its white font where each “O” crosses to represent the flag of Denmark.

#9. Amazon

amazon logo message

Designed by Anthony Biles while at Turner Duckworth, the Amazon logo must be one of the most know logos of the web.
IT holds two distinct meanings. The first is the arrow that points from A to Z – referring to everything being available on their website – while also signifying a satisfied smile that’s accented by a dimple.

#8. Sony Vaio

sony -vaio logo hidden message

Designed by Timothy Hanley, the Sony Vaio logo is one of the best examples of hidden meaning that can only be seen if you understand a bit of how computers work; perhaps a logo made for computer geeks.
The first two letters (va) represent the basic analogue signal. The last two letters look like a 1 and 0, representing the digital signal.

#7 Baskin Robbins

baskin-robbins logo hidden message

This logo, introduced in 2005, cleverly uses the company’s initials to advertise its number of ice cream flavors (31).
Some believe the shade of pink to symbolize ice cream, the color choice actually has a different use.



#6. LG Electronics

lg logo hidden message

The main purpose of the South Korean multinational electronics company was to create a logo that symbolizes trust and positivity. Luckily, they hit those subjects on the head as not only does their design feature a winking face, but it also references the video game character “Pac-Man”.



#5. McDonald’s

mcdonald logo messages

In the 1960s, McDonald’s was retooling its image, which included discussing a possible new logo. Louis Cheskin, a psychologist and design consultant hired by McDonald’s urged them to keep the current logo of The Golden Arches, claiming that they had a Freudian effect that made customers imagine a pair of nourishing breasts, which then made them hungry. Some find this hard to believe, but one thing’s for sure-you won’t look at the big ‘M’ the same way again after today.

#4. FedEx

fedex logo hidden message

Designed by Lindon Leader, this is probably one of the best known logos with a hidden meaning. If you look closely, you’ll see an arrow that’s formed by the letters E and x. This arrow symbolizes speed and precision, two major selling points of this company.


#3 Google

google logo hidden message

During the creation of the Google logo, designers wanted a way to display a sense of playfulness without bulky objects or symbols in the logo limiting what they could do.
This was initially achieved by skewing some of the letters, but this idea was scrapped and instead focus was directed toward color.
The current logo features a pattern of primary colors being broken with a single letter shown in the secondary color of green.
The broken pattern represents playfulness and the idea that Google isn’t a company that plays by the rules.


#2. Sun Microsystem

sun microsystem hidden logo message

The Sun logo is one of the most famous ambigrams in the world. You can read the brand name in every direction; both horizontally and vertically. This logo was designed by professor Vaughan Pratt of computer science at Stanford University.
Even if professor Pratt did not know anything about symbology when he was designing this logo, he really got it right, as the original version was designed in orange, a color associated with the sun. It was only later that they changed the color first to purple and finally to blue.

#1. NBC

nbc logo hidden message

At the time of the logo’s development, NBC was owned by the electronics company Radio Corporation of America (RCA).
Color televisions were just beginning to emerge and RCA wanted a way to show the public that the relatively high price of the units was worth the enhanced experience of viewing in color.
They needed a logo that required color to be fully appreciated, reminding viewers with black-and-white units that they were missing out.



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