Crushing Batteries With Hydraulic Press Is EXTREMELY Dangerous And Satisfying

Sometimes I get this feeling that Hydraulic Press can never ever go wrong. I mean how on earth will a Hydraulic press go wrong when it comes to crushing and destroying things? This one is even better…

Hydraulic Press

We’ve seen so many things getting destroyed by Hydraulic Press in the recent past. Right from a diamond to a grenade, we’ve seen Hydraulic press destroying everything. One might think what else and unique can we destroy with Hydraulic press, right?

Well, trust me, we won’t disappoint you.  I am sure you must’ve never experienced the excitement of watching a few batteries getting destroyed by The pressure of Hydraulic Press. Get ready to see that.

The Function

Just to give you some knowledge on how exactly the Hydraulic Press works, it uses a hydraulic cylinder to generate a compressive force. The hydraulic is equivalent of a mechanical lever and literally crushes  anything that is kept beneath. The sight is literally soothing.

Here, this Hydraulic Press crushes the batteries like a pro. We know how batteries look but we don’t know what is inside them. The excretion makes it clear.

Checkout the video ahead. 

The Video

We are proud to present you this video as this will certainly make your day. But before you see this video, it is a humble request that please do not do this at home as you need an expert around every time you use hydraulic press. It can be extremely dangerous.

Specially when you are dealing with tricky things like batteries or grenade for that matter, the experiment can become extremely dangerous. Therefore, just sit back and enjoy this instead of trying it yourself. Here’s the video.

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