Ever Wondered How Engineers Construct Structures Underwater? Here’s Your Answer

What if engineers have to repair something which is inside the water? Say a ship or something like that? How exactly will they do that? We have the answer of this question. Take a look…

#3 It’s All About Science


If you think deeply, science is a very fascinating subject to read up on (duh, isn’t it like a proven fact?). There’s so much new that you learn everyday thanks to science. Now this article is for all the people who love to attach logic to things around them.

So have you ever wondered how will a team of scientists repair something inside the ocean? Well, take a ship for instance. Say the ship needs a repair. How will a group of scientists do that? Dragging the entire ship out of water is not a possibility. Diving inside water in swim suits is again a very terrible guess.

#2 Cofferdam


The answer to all the questions we asked above is a Cofferdam. Scientists build temporary, waterproof enclosures called cofferdam to carry out repair underwater. This structure is built into the water basin and then all water is pumped out making way for a dry work space.

According to geotechnical engineering, this construction is not as easy as lowering walls into the water floor. Engineers have to design a structure that is flood-proof and collapse-proof. Now this sounds incredibly complicated, right? So how do they make it and repair stuff?

Keep reading ahead to know that. 

#1 The Construction

Constructing a Cofferdam is a very complicated task. The engineers need to do a complete analysis of water table levels and soil layers first to make sure their structure has no seepage or uplift later when people begin work. Next, they have to lower interlocking piles into the floor of the water basin.

For this, they need to first calculate the required depth of every pile lowered into the bed. There is no scope of making any calculation errors or judgement errors. A mistake here means flooding and collapse of the work area. When the structure is completed, the temporary Cofferdam is removed and the structure is lowered in water.

While repairing ships or anything underwater, the team of engineers use cofferdams as a “dry dock”, separating the ship from water and repair it at the site of damage. Checkout the video below to see how exactly these Cofferdams are made and used to repair stuff.

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