Ever Wondered Why Can’t You Use Cell Phones On Airplanes? Here’s The Answer

Every time you board a flight, You can’t use your cellphone in the air the way you use them on the land. Ever wondered why? Let’s not get into the traditional explanation, checkout the exact reason here right now. Take a look!

#3 No Cell Phones


Every time you sit in a flight, you are requested to not use your phone. You are almost never allowed to text or call someone while on a flight. Ever wondered about the reason? Many say that the airlines have started this post 9/11 to maintain a calm environment in the flight.

This is not it. People also believe that waves play a very important role in air. This is the reason we have Airplane modes in our cell phones. But believe it or no, the reason is completely different from what you’ve heard till date from everyone.

#2 FCC or FAA


Just so that you know, these are the two Federal organizations that have jurisdiction over the use of cell phone while traveling through the air. One is the Federal Communications Commission and the other is the Federal Aviation Administration.

The main function of FCC is to maintain the national communication as streamlined as possible. Also, while you are in the flight, your phone receives signals from tons of towers and confusing them in the process thus limiting their capabilities. This can actually effect and cause the data flow throughout the country.

Keep reading ahead to read the function of FAA.

#1 FAA


FAA bans the usage of your cellphone minutes before your flight starts running as there is a minute threat of electronic interference with the plane’s own communications systems. So which one of FAA or FCC is responsible to ban the phone while in  air?

Surprisingly, FAA has no rule banning usage on altitudes since radio networks are necessary only while approaching the runway. FCC is the one that bans your phone in the flight. It is because of the overlapping of different cellphone towers. Although, AirCell spokesperson said that there was no risk of interference, rather the ban was implemented because people talked loudly and annoyed fellow passengers in the cabin. Whatever the reason is, it is surely for the safety of the passengers.

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