Farmers In Switzerland Are Making Giant Holes In The Stomach Of The Cows For This Strange Reason

We know about cows and we know how cows are utilized. We know how useful cows can be as a domesticated animals but what we don’t know is what Farmers in Switzerland are doing with them. Checkout…


Farming is possibly the most consistent staple occupation of people all around the world. We all know how important domestic animals can be when it comes to farming. Therefore, it becomes very important to utilize your domestic animals properly.

But seems like farmers in Switzerland are using a different technique all together while treating there animals. Checkout the complete history and you’ll know that nothing of this sort has ever been practiced with cows or any other animal for that matter. Intrigued to know?


The Process

The controversial process that we are talking about is making giant holes in the stomach of the cows. Yes, Swiss farmers have been making giant holes in the stomach of the cows. This is something that has never happened before and therefore people are puzzled about the reason.

Just to understand the reason, a lot of researchers conducted researches following which the cows are fitted with this system and the outcome of this research will simply amaze you. This is something that has never been done before and is cunning.

Checkout the outcome ahead.

The Outcome

So researchers have fitted almost 14 cows with this system. The system consists of an external pipeline that directly gets connected to the digestive tract of the cow. How does this system benefits the farmers will be your next question?

Well, it helps them to keep a check on the nutrition of the cows for improvising farming needs. And therefore, farmers are happily adopting this new method. Just to give you a detail about how the process is conducted, The cannula is basically inserted surgically in the cow’s stomach and a definitive rest period is given to the cow to recover from the procedure.

After the rest period, the cow can be put under examination for testing of various crops. Now using this process, Farmers can find out about the healthier varieties of crops for the cattle needs thereby making the cattle raising more efficient.

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