Google Released A New iPhone Keyboard That Will Simplify Everything

Google and Apple are the two biggest names in the world of technology. Both these companies need no introduction. Their unison has to be amazing. And well, it indeed is. Take a look…

#5 GBoard


Google has always been people’s go to place for any type of search or surfing. From a very long time now, it has held on to its position of being the most popular and trustworthy search engine online. And this new App the google has introduced recently is just making sure that it stays on as the most loved search engine for many more years to come.

Google introduced ‘Gboard’ which incorporates the engine’s search powers right into your texting interface.  This Gboard is much more than what it sounds to be.


#4 No More Copy And Paste


Once you install GBoard as an additional keyboard, you’ll be able to search for restaurants, videos, GIFs and everything else all without ever leaving your conversation. Confused? Well, don’t be! Another thing, you don’t have to do all that copy and paste stuff while trying to give directions.

Keep reading ahead to know all the details about this app. 

#3  Just Tap


All you have to do is, just tap the Google icon and bring up the search bar right above your keyboard.

#2 In Case, You Are an iPhone User



Every single iPhone user in the world is going to love this. It makes glide typing more easily available to iPhone users to speed along all the googling

#1 Most Importantly



Always Loved emojis? It’s gonna be more fun now. You can search emojis by keyword. So go on now, get Emoji-ing!  Isn’t this app amazing?


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