Guy Replaces The Blade Of A Table Saw With Paper And It Still Cuts Wood

Ever played stone paper scissor? We all know that scissor can cut the paper but how edgy do you think a paper is? Can paper become a scissor? Or a cutter for that matter? Maybe! Let’s see…

#2 Uses Of  Paper?


Whenever we see a piece of paper, all we wanna do is write something on it or wrap something in it. If I ask you to note down 10 uses of paper, you’ll take an entire day to complete the list or maybe more! Haven’t you ever thought about more varied uses of paper? I mean, it must definitely have some other utility, right?

Youtuber John Heisz had the same question in his head and thus he decided to do something about it. Something that no one must have ever thought.

Keep reading ahead to see what he did. 

#1 The Video

John replaced his metal table saw with a seemingly innocent paper saw. Now what can a paper saw possibly do? It isn’t as sharp as a metal saw. But wait till you see the video. In the video, you’ll see that it cuts through the paper first, then the cardboard and finally did a neat job of cutting through a slice of wood as well.

Although this isn’t the fastest method to cut the wood as you can see in the video but it is surely worth a shot. Checkout the video here.


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