He Hollows Out A Light Bulb With A Screwdriver, Then Proceeds To Create Something Extraordinary!

Light Bulb can be your waste material while making something best out of the waste. This can be used very creatively. This is definitely worth a shot. DIY at it’s all time best. Take a look and try it later…

#2 Light Bulb


What are the things you can do with a light bulb? So you can switch on the light and then switch off the light. You can switch on the light in different colors and then switch off the lights in different colors as well. Right? Well, wrong if your mind is creative enough to somehow utilize this very useful thing in a different way.

Doing something different and creative with a light bulb that will eventually change the way we use it is unheard off and seems difficult to shape. But we have a few ideas ready that’ll add a different perspective in the utility of light bulbs.

Checkout the video ahead to see those ideas.

#1 The Video

No matter how difficult it seems to play with your light bulb, you can still do tons of things with it. Here we show you five different ideas that’ll change the way you look at the light bulbs forever. In the video below, the utility of a light bulb is reinvented.

The man in the video has used tons of sharp objects to accomplish his goal so it’s a humble request that if you are planning to use any of the ideas in the video, please be very careful.

Checkout the video now.

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