Honda’s Solar-Powered Electric Vehicle Charging Station

Honda’s vision for solar-powered home-based hydrogen production station is one effort to ease the transition from fossil to alternative fuels and now the company has revealed plans to trial a solar-powered public EV charging station and conduct testing of a range of electric vehicles and technologies in real-world urban transportation environments, starting with Japan.

honda-Solar-Powered Electric Vehicle Charging Station

Honda said today that they will conduct a joint trial with Japan’s Saitama Prefecture to examine the potential of low-carbon transportation systems driven by solar power, by Nikkei reports.
The study focuses mainly on train stations, where cars are parked during the day until the salaryman returns from the city. Large solar panels on the roofs of these stations could provide sufficient power to recharge the battery for the short ride home. Which also has the benefit of a clearly defined range.

When car companies first began discussing electric vehicles, they planned to substitute one fossil fuel for another by using coal to generate electricity to power the vehicles, instead of gasoline. But using renewable energy to power electric vehicles will cut down on the carbon emissions created in the process.
But Honda is one of the companies trying to change that, as they have begun trial testing an electric vehicle charging station that is powered by solar energy.


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