It’s Just An Old, Useless TV Cabinet, Then She Turns It Into An Adorable Play Kitchen

Every house has an accumulation of old furniture which is almost never used, but then, we never give up on them. A new movement which is sweeping across the globe called Up cycling is all about instilling a new life in the rugged furniture.

The Old TV Cabinet 

When Debbie realized that her TV cabinet was utterly useless, she came up with a brilliant idea, to convert it into something really beautiful. Watch the transformation process.

The Process

This is something it looked like before being converted. She started with removing the hinges of the cabinet.

Painting It

Next, she cleaned the cabinet and painted it with bright teal green color. You’ll be amazed by the finished piece.

Tracing It

Next, she traced some circles once the paint dried, and cut them.

The Cutting

After cutting the circle out with a jigsaw, she then cut another hole above that.


Next, she picked up some beautiful fabric and got to sewing.

Now Comes The Vinyl

For the next step, to finish the interior surface of the cabinet, she attached vinyl, craft foam, and the cabinet’s old knobs on the interior.

The Play Kitchen

When she was finished with the interior of the cabinet, her old TV cabinet had become an adorable kids’ play kitchen! But Debbie didn’t stop there.

The Final Product

She has now got to furnish the backside of the cabinet. After perfectly completing the work, this is how it looked. Isn’t it absolutely gorgeous?

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