Lernstift – A Pen That Checks Your Spellings As You Write


All digital pens that are currently available in market require paper or a solid writing pad. Or they use “external movement sensors“ to register the pen’s movements. Lernstift – a new technology works differently. Its special motion sensor technology is patent pending.The pen recognizes words, gestures and symbols, even if you only “draw them in the air”. This opens up all new possibilities for whiteboarding applications.You could even write text messages using Lernstift instead of dealing with T9 and small touchscreen keys …




Lernstift is packed with sophisticated tech that recognizes all writing movements and lets you know when you’ve made a mistake – with an unmistakable vibration.


The pen recognizes the characters and words and compares them to its dictionary database. As you write, the Lernstift pen “reads” the words. Get something wrong and the pen vibrates. The algorithm can tell you wrote Pollice instead of Police or respond with a red flag when the written word simply does not exist in the database (e.g. “poleez”). So far it can’t yet predict what the writer might want to write, but that could come down the line.


The computer inside Lernstift is an embedded Linux system. The board contains motion sensor, processor, memory, Wi-Fi and vibration module.

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