Man Starts By Digging 12 Holes Around His Pool, Days Later All His Neighbors Were Super Jealous

Summers are right around the corner, and everybody is dreaming of basking in the sun and cooling off in the water. Only a few gets to enjoy this kind of privilege. Having a private pool is hard, but even if you have it, relaxing by its side gets a little more hectic if you don’t have a deck or an area to lay out. And without a doubt, accept it, it’s a costly affair to employ a professional to do it for you!

On Himself

Hence, this man took it upon himself to lay out a deck by the side of the pool.

The Large Rocky Stones

As he removed the large rocky stones and weeds from the sides, it left large holes that were to be filled. He started by leveling the ground.

After Leveling

Once he was finished with leveling the ground, then he set up the frame of the deck which ran across the length of one side of the pool. Then, he used pieces of the wood to line them outside of the frame. He dug out large holes in the ground. These holes served as a base for the support beams of the deck. His ultimate goal was to make these holes extremely deep so they could support the weight of several people on the deck.

Installation Of Beams

Then he installed the beams. To make sure that concrete does not rot the bottom of the woods, he used plastic standoffs at the bottom of the beams. After adding the protected beams to each hole, he added concrete mixture to the holes to make sure they were fastened in place.

Addition Of Stones

Then he used stones to fill the concrete filled holes. He used stones instead of dirt because they help in drainage.He then, placed brackets on the cross-beams, to prepare the next part of the project. Next, the stairs were marked and added to the frame.

And Finally

Then he came to the final part of the project, the wooden beams that were to be attached to the support beams. This was all that he has to do before finally installing the platform. Then he had to add the joints to keep them in place. He removed the temporary supports once the entire setup looked a bit sturdy.

Finally, with the help of a drill, he secured the floor boards in place. So, this is how it looked finally. Isn’t it absolutely beautiful?

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