Real Time Language Translator using Google Translate and Word Lens

Google announced official updates to its translation app that will allow users to Real-time voice and Sign translation. The instant translation movement is getting a major boost, as Google Translate will soon be able to detect which language is being spoken when you tap the microphone on your mobile device.
The app allows users to select the two languages they’re working with and then once the app is in conversation mode, it will take care of the rest, allowing the users to have a more spontaneous and fluid conversation.

Real Time Language Translator

In May 2014, Google acquires an app called Word Lens, a service that automatically and instantly translates words using the camera on your phone. Now, the fruits of this acquisition are being realized with the latest update to Google Translate for Android and iOS.

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It works offline:
Visual translations work without an Internet connection for English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish languages using Word Lens. For other languages, you’ll still need to take a pic first.

Translator app will available for android and ios. Google claimed that 500 million people use the service in some form each month, with more than one billion translations made per day. The updated apps aren’t live yet, but the refresh will be rolling out starting 14 Jan 2015, according to Google’s blog post.



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