Self Cleaning Silic T-Shirts That Impossible To Stain

Amir Patel from San Francisco has created the Self Cleaning Silic T-shirt that is supposedly impossible to stain. According to Amir Patel most liquid molecules will not be able to touch the fabric because of a microscopic layer of air that forms between the liquid and fabric. This is because the fabric is layered with billions of silica particles. Water based liquids will form a 150 degree sphere and roll right off! As a result, this barrier protects your shirt from potential accidents.

silic tshirt

self cleaning tshirt

Silic gets its name from the billions of silica particles that layer the fabric. Even when wearing a Silic t-shirt while working up a sweat, this liquid will evaporate into the air instead of into the fabric. For the shirts and t-shirt design, Amir Patel has teamed up with a former designer from Vera Wang.
Amir Patel’s launch of Silic t-shirt on Kickstarter has raised more than $130,000, while the initial funding goal is only $20,000. Orders will ship by May. The t-shirts will eventually be for sale in commercial stores.

The video hosted at Kickstarter shows the liquid ‘bouncing off’ the fabric without leaving any stain. when any liquid falls onto the Silic t-shirt, it transforms into beads and falls off the fabric without damaging it. This means there will be zero bacteria growth and apart from that, the shirt is anti-microbial.

Kickstarter calls it as ‘Self Cleaning Clothing with Hydrophobic Nanotechnology’.

According to Patel’s Kickstarter page, there are certain steps wearers have to take to make sure the T-shirts stays waterproof.
These include not using fabric softener in a machine wash, no bleaching or washing with colours and no ironing. Patel also advises wearers not to dry clean the shirt.
To reactivate the water repellency, the T-shirt must also be put through a tumble dryer on a low heat at least once every three washes.

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