Slow-motion video of a hammer hitting mirror reveals something amazing

This slow motion video where a hammer is hitting a mirror ends up revealing something amazing. You will love this even more if you are a great movie buff. You’ll know what we are saying once you read ahead. Take a look…

#2 Slow Motion Videos


Slow motion videos are always amazing as the stuff that you get to see in detail in them is incomparable. If you think you’ve already seen all there is to see in slow motion, you are not entirely right. Here we are going to show you something that you must have never seen.

The Slow Mo guys on Youtube posted a video of a hammer flying into a mirror. What makes this more special? The fact that they filmed it at a much faster frame rate than they usually do: 120,000 frames per second. The resolution wasn’t as good as other slow motion videos but that is what makes this video more special. Also, it has a Hollywood connection to it. This is completely worth your time.

Checkout the video ahead. 

#1 The Videos

Look at the video below. You’ll notice that at 1:36 mark, you can see a shock wave ripple through the mirror right as the hammer strikes it. This resembles that iconic scene in The Matrix when the helicopter strikes the glass-sided building, sending a ripple through it.

The resemblance is amazing. We have both the videos for you to give you a better reference material. Checkout both the videos and see it yourself. This kinda proves the shock wave theory by the way. Take a look, you are definitely going to enjoy this a lot.

Now, this is the scene from Matrix we were talking about and comparing the above video with.

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