Snow Village Made Of 1.8 Million Kilograms of Snow In Finland

The Snow Ice-Hotel is something very special, nestled in the forests that surround the resort of Yllas, this amazing property is constructed every year to a different artistic theme. Some 1.8 million kilograms of snow and ice are used to construct the hotel which is sculpted by a specialist team. The ice-hotel can be enjoyed as part of a short stay, combined with a choice of cabins located near the hotel, or, alternatively added as an extra night to stays in the resorts of Levi or Yllas. A night in the Ice Hotel offers you serene tranquility, enveloped by the amazing colours of the ice crystals that make up your surroundings. There are plenty of activities to enjoy to make this stay truly memorable!


The village becomes operational in December and reservations are entertained till the beginning of April, however, the village does stay open as long as the weather permits to remain functional. During the winter of 2012-2013, the Snow Village was built for the twelfth time. If you are still wondering why it requires to be constructed again and again, well first of all *sigh*, secondly, the ice melts during the summer and therefore it requires maintenance to keep it safe and running. Generally the construction starts when the temperature is low enough; around -10 degree Celsius. This means that construction start either at the end of October or start of November. The construction requires around 1.5 tons of snow and 300 tons of natural ice for it.

Snow Village Finland

Snow hotel Finland

Snow Village

Snow Village in Finland

• Stunning design & ice carving
• Beautiful wilderness surroundings
• 26 rooms and suites in the ice-hotel
• Combine with a choice of log cabins or other nearby resorts
• Range of activities & guided tour available
• Ice restaurant and bar
• Sleeps 1-4

Watch video Snow Village in 2009-2010 :

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