Start Camping On Land Or Water

Wants to have camping on water and land? Here is a product “Sealander Amphibious Trailer” which helps you to have camping on water and land both.
Amphibious Trailer designed and built by a German-based industrial designer Daniel Straub.
Produced as a boat and made of fiberglass reinforced plastic, the German vehicle has a 5 hp electric engine with low emissions and noise. Thanks to its waterproof shell, it works as a boat in the water but can also be hauled like a normal trailer on land. It was designed to be used in water without large currents or waves so it’s perfect for lakes and calm seas.

Sealander camping trailer
Sealander amphibious trailer
Sealander Amphibious Trailer’s shell is made of fiberglass reinforced plastic with a double bottom to prevent sinking in case of a leakage. Power is via a 5 hp electric motor which doubles as a source of energy for on-board devices.
The panoramic sunroof that can be opened or closed at any time, the inside of the trailer has seats that accommodates up to 6 people and can be converted into beds and also has a compact ‘kitchen’ Complete with a heater and cooler system, the minimalist yet cozy internal space has modular furniture that can be rearranged according to the user’s needs.

water and land camping trailer by Sealander amphibiouswater and land camping trailerSealander amphibious camping trailer

Enjoy your camping into water or land with Sealander Amphibious Trailer, You can get this about $20,400 depending on different designs and configurations.

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