Terrifying inside view of Amazon Warehouse

When you place an order to Amazon, it’s easy, right? Whatever you order shows up at your house a week later, and it’s almost always correct. Have you ever stopped to wonder how they do that? Have you ever wondered inside view of Amazon warehouses look like? How do they store all that merchandise? These are the kinds of questions we take for granted when we place our orders which conveniently come all boxed up nice and neat.

Inside An Amazon Warehouse

A Reddit.com user has recently published photographs of an Amazon warehouse which shows us how it’s done and where the magic happens. Generally these warehouses are placed strategically close to shipping hubs around the world which makes it possible to make the whole shipping procedure more efficient. Also, these warehouses are huge spaces; over one million square feet as far as the area is concerned. You’d be surprised to know that there are no robots involved and all the work in the warehouse is done manually by 65,000 employees and there are additional 50,000 employees hired during Christmas period to help with the overwhelming shipment orders. Even with that much work force, don’t you think it would be hard to find out where is what? If you look at the pictures closely you’ll notice that Amazon stacks the stuff in a very odd manner. Random products are stacked up together and at the first glance it doesn’t make any sense. But if you look closely and read about the ‘chaotic storage’ concept, things will start to add up and you will be able to grasp how it works. By employing this strategy, Amazon is able to utilize the space more efficiently and it helps them stay flexible. The key idea is this; if you have a space reserved for a certain item only it will remain empty when the stock is low or the item is out of stock and that place won’t be utilized.

Below Images are inside view of Amazon warehouse

Terrifying inside view of Amazon Warehouse

Amazon Warehouse

inside view of Amazon Warehouse

One of the company’s most intriguing innovations, its so-called “chaotic storage” system, is hidden away from consumers. And it’s not every day that Amazon, known for its secrecy, opens the doors to its mega-warehouses, where items are stored and retrieved in what appears to be a chaotic hurricane of books, lawnmowers, rainboots, DVDs and much, much more.

Instead of placing similar items next to or nearby each other, the warehouse workers store goods wherever there is room. If you order a backpack from Amazon, it may be sent to you after being plucked from a shelf in Arizona, where it had been nestled between a football and a tablecloth. The system works because everything is tagged with barcodes and scanned by employees who are trained to navigate these depositories.


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