The 11 Most Expensive Materials In The World

If you leave our planet to its natural glory, it has trillions of unusual and unthinkable substances stored in itself for our future generations. Currently, we know about a few of them and man, they are dead drop expensive. Checkout such materials…


Right from providing a great color and flavor to your dishes to having amazing health benefits, Saffron is an all rounder. Its production process is tiring and time consuming and therefore, it costs as much as $11 per gram.


We all know how expensive gold is. We know its properties and the reason why people simply love it. No wonder it costs $56 per gram.


Rhodium belongs to the platinum group and is extremely rare. Just so that you know, a ton of earth’s crust contains about 0.001g of rhodium. It costs you around $58 per gram.


This substance ruined so many lives in North America. It gave some serious health problems to people over there but yet, it is on our list. It costs you around $100 per gram.

Rhinoceros’s Horn

Rhinoceros’s horn has amazing medicinal properties and can definitely be a great knife handle. It’ll cost you around $110 per gram.


Plutonium is a radioactive fragile metal. It rarely comes into existence through natural processes. Right from productions  of nuclear weapons to production of fuel for space crafts, it is useful in everything. It’ll cost you $4,000 per gram.


Painite was first discovered in Burma in 1950’s. This is very famous for being one of the most rarest minerals in the world. It costs around $9,000 per gram.


This is the most expensive gas in the world used for lighting. In fact, it costs about $15 million to produce a pound of tritium and it’ll cost you $30,000 per gram.


The precious most stone on the planet costs you around $55,000 per gram.


This is a rare earth metal that does not occur naturally on the planet. In fact, it has been synthesized only once since its discovery in 1950. It’ll cost you a whooping $25-27 million per gram.


It is safe to say that no one on this planet can afford this substance. Antimatter is speculated to be useful to create fuel for spacecrafts in future. It’ll cost you around $62.5 trillion per gram.


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