The Most Destructive Shotgun Slug Yet Turns Bullet Proof Glass To Butter

It is always fun to witness a tiff between the two of the most heavyweight things in the same or different category, right? Here’s a collision between the most destructive shotgun and least destructive bullet proof glass. Checkout the outcome.

Most Destructive Shotgun

What you are about to see here is something that you don’t get to see on regular basis. This ain’t no kids play folks. We are talking about the most destructive shotgun in the world. These little beauties kick like a mule and cut through a lot of masterful rigid things which are otherwise difficult to defeat.

The best part here is that shotgun hasn’t been used on one object. The experiment has been conducted on multiple substances and mind you, the sight is mesmerizing.

Checkout the video ahead…

The Video

If you see the video, you’ll see how the YouTuber has used different kinds of material to test his dangerous shotgun. Right from a very strong bullet proof glass to a log, everything has been used. This is a very satisfying video that’ll make you feel incredibly good (never thought I’ll ever say this about a bullet destructing things).

Here you can see the shooter all set to shoot a hard cardboard

And here’s this metal ball getting shot which is kept on hard and tall bricks. Wow. You need to checkout the video now!

Here’s the video…



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