The next step in bullet evolution: The Radically Invasive Projectile (RIP) Is The Best Thing Ever

After working immensely hard in our school, we at least know that change is permanent. No matter how amazing you are, a change has to come. And a change has indeed come in the world of bullets.


Bullets are not something you play with. They aren’t a toy. These little beauties kick like a mule and cut through a lot of masterful rigid things which are otherwise difficult to defeat. A bullet that was discovered long time ago was deadly enough to take away the life out of humans.

Since the day the first bullet was released, we kept working really hard to somehow bring about a better change in this technology of bullets. And well, human brain cannot possibly go wrong, can it? The best change is right here in front of us.

Projectile Based Weaponry

For thousands of years, mankind has constantly improved upon projectile based weaponry and today we are standing with the best version of projectile based weapon ever. The experiment here has been conducted on multiple substances and mind you, the sight is mesmerizing.

Right from a rigid glass to various vegetables and fruits, you can see everything getting crashed by this bullet now. Each and every single second of this video is worth watching. You are going to enjoy this thoroughly.

Check out the video ahead.

The Video

Just so that you know, mankind has constantly improved upon projectile based weaponry. Meet the next step in the evolution of the bullet, the RIP round developed by G2 Research in Winder, Georgia. Let us know if you liked the video by commenting in the comments section below.

Checkout The video

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10 Ways To Clean Your Car Like Never Before!


Cleaning your car can be a huge headache. It’s a huge dilemma as self cleaning never feels sufficient enough and getting it cleaned from a professional will cost you unnecessary amount of money. Take some tips from us…

Use A Toothbrush  

Yes, you can in fact use a toothbrush to clean your car. It gets into each and every nook and corner and cleans your car seats with perfection.

Car Mats

The best way to clean your car mats is to throw them in your washing machine on a gentle cycle. It’ll be as good as new.

While Cleaning the vents

While you are cleaning the vents, vacuum it up as you go. It will be extremely beneficial and you’ll be left with beautifully clean vents.

The Seats

To clean your seats, use a carpet/upholstery cleaner. It will clean it right from the top to the bottom. They’ll start looking newly purchased!


We are going to give you a very simple trick for this. The trick here is to use steel wool and glass cleaner to get your windshields super clean! Nothing can clean your windshield better than this.


Wanna make a proper holder stand in your car? It’s time you use silicon cupcake liners in your cup holders to catch any permanent crumbs or potential things that might get stuck in the cup holders. This is an amazing technique. Definitely give this a shot.

A Substitution For Toothbrush

In case you don’t wanna waste a toothbrush over cleaning your car, wrap a cloth around a screw driver. It’ll give the kind of perfection your toothbrush offers.

The Stickiness 

Your dashboard can get really sticky sometimes. Goo Gone is perfect to remove the stickiness from your dashboard.


Increase the visibility of your headlights by cleaning them with toothpaste.

Compressed Air

And finally, grab hold of a can of compressed air and clean your vents. Best way ever!

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