These guardrails don’t look so unusual, but Once you see them in action, you’ll be amazed And Satisfied At The Same Time

Heavy vehicles running at an unusually high speed on the highways can easily turn it into a nightmare! It is for this reason that highways are often installed with guardrails at the sides. But sometimes, during the collision, the force is so much that it is enough for the vehicles to break through the guardrails.

Hence, it is of extreme importance that properly engineered and robust guardrails should be installed to avoid even the worst scenarios. To avoid such accidents on the highways, the Korean engineers have developed an extraordinarily brilliant solution to deal with the worst case scenarios.

Wondering how it works? Well, the design of these guardrails combines two parallel sets of double aluminium beams framing a series of vertical plastic rollers. Hence, whenever the vehicle strikes at the edge of guardrail, it absorbs the impact of the collision and the plastic rollers help the vehicle to keep it moving.

This, in turn, reduces the chances of the vehicle to break through the guardrail or get overturned during the collision. Isn’t it a wonderful way of ensuring that the accidents on the highways are a little less fatal than before? Sure, it is! Still eager to see these incredible guardrails in action? Watch out the video!



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