These Maps Will Give You A New Perspective Of The World

Almost all of us have a stereotypical view of the world where we see West as the developed part and East as oriental one. While some of the stereotypical views stem from true stories, we miss out on a whole lot of things that are peculiar to different countries. Let’s have a look at these maps which will offer you a fresh perspective of the world

Life Expectancy

If you were to guess the place where the life expectancy is really low, you would say Africa! Though that’s partially true, there are many other countries where this rate is as low as 26 years.

Average Working Hours

This map shows the documented working hours for most of the countries in the world. However, it has no information for most of the countries in Asia and Europe and nothing could be said about these countries.

Places Rules By Women

This one is interesting, however not a new one as we know places where women hold powerful office. However, some of them surely be a pleasing surprise such as Ellen Johnson in Liberia, and the Prime Minister of Namibia Saara Kuugongelwa.

Never Had A Female Leader

This map gives a true insight of the gender gap in the world leadership. Countries like the United States of America and the entire Russia, which were the once superpower of the world that have never had a female leader in history. It is surely a bit surprising.

Safest Place To Travel

The International media spread all kinds of fears in the minds of people, however, this map will surely come as handy when you will plan your next trip.

The Number of English Speakers

While you may have heard English is an international language, let me tell you it does not even have the maximum number of speakers, Mandarin does! Hence, this map tells a different story!

Most Personal Freedom

What do you call a place where you can get maximum possible freedom? A paradise, maybe! See which countries can be your paradise

Most Polluted Country

Well, this doesn’t take me by any surprise!

Terror Threat

Well, if you have had a good look at the previous places, guessing the places with low and high threat won’t be much difficult. However, as shocking as it may seem, this map is a serious question to the degrading humanity in humankind!

Gender Equality

Even this one is quite predictable, you see!

Guns Per Capita

Owning a gun can be a difficult thing, but not in most countries. Here’s the truth!

Most Religious People

This one is an easy one too! You can almost guess that right! Isn’t it?

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