This Experiment With 1000 degree METAL BALL vs COCA COLA Will Blow Your Mind Off

Get ready to have your mind blown with this super crazy experiment which includes a 1000 degree red-hot metal ball and your favourite beverage- Coca-Cola!

How many times have your dropped something in your drink to see what would happen? Well, that’s what this genius is trying to know but with a 1000 degree red-hot metal ball.  The result will blow off your mind.

He begins his experiment with pouring  Coca-Cola in an empty glass. Other required ingredients include a packet of sweet corn kernels and two slabs of butter. Wondering what will he do with all these? Keep reading to know!

Next, he empties a packet of sweet corn kernels in a jar and keeps it aside. Then, he unwraps two slabs of plain salted butter.

Then, he arranges the butter on a cigarette tray and keeps a 1000 degree red-hot metal ball on it! What he does next will totally blow your mind!

Going crazy to know what he finally does with the ball? Watch the video to see the entire experiment. We bet it will blow off your mind! Completely insane!

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