This Experiment With Glowing 1000 degree Knife Vs Coca Cola Will Blow Your Mind

While browsing YouTube, we get a wide variety of videos, some are informative and others are insanely crazy. And then, there is this third kind of videos which are oddly satisfying. We recently stumbled upon this experiment where this man heats up a knife to 1000 degrees and then puts it across various daily life objects such as paper notes, soaps, lemon and then, he puts it in a bottle of Coca-Cola! The result? Astonishing!

Using a combination of three electric heat machines, he heats up his knife about 1000 degrees. The metal of the knife gets literally red hot!

Next, he puts it across a bar of soap. The soap almost seems to scream in anguish when he decides to put it across a lemon. What do you think will happen? Have a look ahead!

Here’s what happened to the lemon. It soon caught fire and the entire lemon was burnt in a few seconds. Now was the turn of the bottle of Coca-Cola!

Want to know what happened to the bottle of the Coke? Make a guess and then watch the entire experiment in the video underneath

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