This Is The Secret Android Button You Don’t Know About. Next Few Mins Are Gonna Blow Your Mind Away!

I hardly know people who don’t know how to use android or find android complicated. It is already so much fun to use android system and here we have something that’ll make the experience even more better. Take a look!

#3 Android


A glory that started in the year 2007 revolutionized the cellular world with its brilliance and simplicity. Ever since it first got released in the market, it became a sensation and since then didn’t really looked back.  With every passing year, it has increased its fan following and even a giant like APPLE couldn’t do much about it.

Also, we’ve seen tons of gadgets that can actually be synced with your android and used accordingly.  But nothing is as exciting and simple as this gadget/button that we are about to show you.

#2 The Button


The button we are talking about is this physical switch or a push in button that is an ideal addition for your smart device. It makes your device more user-friendly. This button is called a ‘Pressy Button’. This makes sure that all your favorite applications in your device are just a PRESS away from you.

This physical button sounds like a great concept and it mainly uses your headphone jacks to commandeer certain functions of your device.

Checkout the video ahead to see how it works.

#1 The Video

Talking about the functions, ranging from your flashlight to your camera, everything can be easily accessed. The video here shows how exactly does this pressy button functions. The button though is not very sensitive and has to be used accordingly.

You’ll get to know about all this in the video below. Take a look.

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