This Is What Happens When A Truck Hits A Security Barrier

A collision between a truck and a security barrier has to be deadly. But how deadly? You have no clue how terrible the destruction can be if at all something like this happens. Take a look…

#3 The Safety Matters

The most crucial matter for any country is the matter of their security. The lives of elite people within the country are really important. When you have foreign diplomats coming over, the security becomes even severe.  Ever wondered how effective are these barriers placed around the Embassies and other Federal Buildings?

Just to check that out, researchers at The Texas A&M Transportation Institute conducted an experiment of a truck colliding with barriers at 50mph.

#2 The Barrier

The cabin of the truck was destroyed, but the barrels at the rear, supposedly explosives remained relatively unscathed. This was a simulated terrorist attack. The truck was fitted with remote control system and was driven into a steel barrier at 50mph.

The footage looks fascinating but dangerous at the same time. To give you some information about barrier, the barrier was buried 18 inches into the ground. The windshield and hood of the truck dash forward while its cab folds like an accordion.

Checkout all the images of this event ahead.

#1 The Goal


The supreme goal while conducting this event was  to stop the truck bed from reaching it further than one meter past the barrier, a spot that was marked by a blue pole.

The goal was met as none of the truck’s bed reached that point. The institute quoted, ‘The goal of the test was to prevent the bed of the truck going 50 mph from passing one meter past the barrier, The bed is where a bomb might be, and that’s what the barrier is meant to keep out.’

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This entire experiment is the part of TTi’s contract with the U.S. State Department to test different ‘perimeter security devices’ that are installed at embassies and other facilities around the world.

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