This Looks Like A Decorated Table…Until He Pulls Away His Hand

Abstract art is the new cool in today’s age! And the talented artists are pulling off the random objects to make beautiful artistic crafts. Here’s one more genius employing his creative skills to make out this beautiful work.

Why Exactly?

What do you think it is? I won’t really lie to you but when I saw it for the first time I thought it is a table cloth! Did you think so too? But actually, it isn’t one! Here’re some more of them.

What do you think it is? Well, actually, Mikhail Sadovnikov is a Russian artist who creates this awesome artwork. He enjoys working with clay. The real question is how does he manage to create such minute and detailed artwork? What if I tell you he has created these with his hands?

In the video below, you’ll see how he does that. Actually, he rotates a thin layer of wet clay on a pottery wheel and by employing various sponges and turning the table at varying speeds, he creates different designs. Isn’t it wonderfully beautiful?

Working with clay is not a new technique, our forefathers have been using clay to make beautiful designs for ages. This artist uses the potter wheel to bring out the best of his designs to life. If you want to see something really satisfying and want to soothe your mind, this video is surely a must watch! All you need to do is, turn off the lights, plug your earphones, hit play, and go full screen with this 15-minute video of hypnotic patterns being created on a potter’s wheel. This would surely be the best thing you’ve watched today. The video is titled ‘Dance on the Circle’ and the content of the video surely lives up to this title.

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