This Man sets off 300 Rockets All At Once. The Result is Super Amazing!!!

We might not really like the decibel level produced by the rockets but the visual sight of that is extremely satisfying. Can you imagine what would’ve happened when 300 of them hit the sky at once?


Rockets are kinda unique. They are one of those very few things that give out a great view when launched in the sky but harm our ears big time. A delightful visual display but an awful audio combat is the main character of this thing called Rocket.

Rockets is your ultimate Go-to  object for all the celebratory purposes irrespective of the day and time. You just love the effect that rockets bring with them.


If I ask you, what has been the best moment you’ve had with rockets so far? You must have used them when your favorite team would’ve defeated their arch rivals? There are countries who use them to celebrate their festivals as well. What has been your favorite incident with them?

No matter what your favorite moments with Rockets have been, this moment will surpass all your previous memories. The moment of 300 rockets attacking the sky together. You are going to love this.

The Video

The man in the video fires up 300 rockets simultaneously. This is a sight that none of us must have ever seen earlier. The sky looks incredibly pretty. It seems as if someone decorated the sky with the most expensive jewels ever. Just like a newly wed bride.

After watching this once, you would wanna watch this on repeat. You will simply love this. Check it out and let us know how you liked it in the comments section below.

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