This Might Look Like A Normal Storage Unit. When You Take A Look Inside? WOW!

Tiny House Movement, with its unwavering creativity, has left a lot of us spellbound with their work. Recently, they converted this normal storage unit into a beautiful dwelling and their genius will really amaze you. In order to bring all the comforts of home into dwarf-sized dwellings, the architects at the Tiny House Movement really had to put their best foot forward when it came to designing the space like that!

Some of the most fascinating ones we’ve encountered are tiny houses that are made out of structures that don’t seem suited for living, like a converted van with a kitchen, stove, bed, and running water — or a storage unit. Especially one built in 1890.

The storage unit located in the neighborhood of LeDroit Park, which is located in north-west Washington, D.C., about two miles north of the White House, used to be rough when it was brought. But soon the neighborhood developed to be one of the most desirable places and hence, the owner of the storage unit decided to flip it. He took the plunge and transformed a 350-square-foot unit into an exquisite tiny house. Let us look at how it was transformed. The transformation process will surprise you!

This is how it looked from outside initially.

So, they decided to transform the interior of the house first.

They started with the flooring of the space.

Next, they worked on the exterior look and also simultaneously covered the inside and designed the entire setup intricately to allow the space to be divided into everything one might need. Though it is small, but the comfort is not comprised at all.

They have installed sufficient storage ducts inside the tiny dwelling.

And have also made it as modular as possible. Just look at the tiny adorable kitchen and living room. It is absolutely breath-taking and innovative. Isn’t it?

Here’s the full view of the kitchen! I’m just in awe of this house!

Have a look at the well-designed interiors of the house.

What do you think of this impeccable renovation? Let us know in the comments below!


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