This Nail Capsule will Keep Your Nail Clippings From Flying Everywhere

Our daily life tasks can sometimes become very difficult. Let’s just take an example of cutting our nails. While we are cutting them, the clipping fly and fall everywhere. Well, not anymore. You need to see this…

#2 A Simple Nail Cutter


A simple nail cutter is one of the simplest machines that we use on regular basis. Well, let us just say that no one likes untidy nails. And specially if you work in a reputed company, keeping your nails tidy is as important as knowing to strike a fluent conversation.

But cutting your nails can be a huge issue sometimes. It just becomes a very difficult task when those Nail clippings start flying here and there. You just can’t control them, can you? Well, now you can. We have a simple solution to solve this problem.

Keep reading ahead to see how.

#1 The Solution

A simple solution to this problem is a Nail Capsule. This device ensures that your nail clippings don’t go rogue. It’s structure is pretty simple. It is a plastic tube that is made to collect your nail clippings and is pretty cheap. It should have been invented long back.

So all you have to do is insert your finger from one end and the nail cutters from the other and begin clipping. The clipped nail will be collected inside the tube. Now this is simple but definitely innovative. You need to check this out!

Checkout the video here and I bet, you’d want one for yourself folks.

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