This Ugly LA Dump Was Listed For $475,000 Cash Only. But Wait ‘Till You See The Interior’

An ugly house which is absolutely rickety and broken from outside was listed for $475000. But when you look inside you’ll be more shocked to see what was once a beautifully furnished home has now turned into a decrepit building.

Northside, Los Angeles

This is the locality where the house is located

The Outside Look

This is how it looks from the outside. Absolutely rickety and shattered!

The Kitchen

Though the construction and design of the house are absolutely comfortable, look at the condition of the kitchen.

Fully Furnished Appliances

It has spaces for fully furnished appliances but they are all worn out now!

Exposed Pipes

The pipes are all exposed from the building because the cement is worn out from the walls.

Hideaway Spa

What is more shocking is the fact that it has everything, even a hideaway spa!

The Living Room

This is the huge living room of the house. Once it was perhaps the most attractive part of the property long time back but now it is one of the worst places in the house.

Huge Fenced Yard

There are big fences all over the yard. The entire home needs an overall rehab. The 0.18 yard home includes this disgusting backyard with fences all around.

Isn’t it absolutely shocking? Well, we can only hope this house gets an owner who can make it into a paradise once again!

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