This Vertical Forest Hotel In China Revolutionizes the Concept Of Green Architecture

The concept of Green Architecture is relatively new, and is not really practiced extensively everywhere. But China is making sure  that the world gets to know about Green architecture with this vertical forest hotel.

#3 Green Architecture


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With this world slowly getting conscious about the rate with which it is losing itself to pollution, architects are coming up with new nature friendly ideas to construct houses for people. This idea is yet to find its ground in the world of architecture but the renowned architect from Milan, Stefano Boeri has already made it super popular.

So Boeri has designed yet another architectural marvel named Mountain Forest Hotel in Guizhou, China’s Wanfeng Valley.

#2 The Brilliant Design

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The Mountain Forest Hotel will be an eco-friendly, sky-high structure. Boeri explained the idea of the design that everyone simply loved and stated that the hotel will be officially inaugurated in Fall 2017. He said,”It’s a symbol of restitution. Buildings have to take care of nature.”

Even Chinese artists are contributing in this ambitious project. The Chinese artist and interior designer Simon Ma collaborated with Boeri to finalize the layout and design of the 31,200-square-meter structure.

Keep reading ahead to know more about this Eco Friendly hotel.

#1 This Hotel

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So this Eco Friendly hotel will be a subsidiary of the Hong Kong-based Cachet Hotel Group. This brilliant hotel will offer its guests two restaurants, lounges and recreation facilities like swimming pool, spa, and a fully equipped fitness center.

Just a fun fact, the design of The Mountain Forest Hotel has been inspired from the original geographical structure and topography of Guizhou, also known as the “Forest of Ten Thousands Peaks”. Beautiful, isn’t it!



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