Top 10 gadget for millionaires

#10 Personal Submarine


Price: $2,000,000

Designer and manufacturer of personal luxury submarines for superyacht owners who want to explore the world beneath the waves. This is a two-persons submersible that can descend to a depth of 1,000′, provides access to underwater features like shipwrecks, coral reefs and the sea floor. It is equipped with a thermometer, barometer, hygrometer, fluxgate and magnetic compasses, depth gauges, mechanical clinometers, pressure gauges, and a GPS receiver.

#9 Jetpack


Price: $68,500

Jet pack, rocket belt, rocket pack and similar names are used for various types of devices, usually worn on the back, that are propelled by jets of escaping gases to let a single user fly. Its qualities are 1: enhanced engine intake improved power with fuel economy, 2: “Easy Ride” pilot seat for improved comfort, 3: full electronics system upgrade. It can lift you upto 30 feet into the air at 25 miles per hour for four hours.

#8 Bugatti Veyron Super Sport


Price: $2.4 million

The Bugatti Veyron Super Sport is not just a car. It is dubbed as the fastest street legal car of the world. The Super Sport version of the Veyron is the fastest street-legal production car in the world, with a top speed of 431.072 km/h (267.856 mph). The original version has a top speed of 408.47 km/h (253.81 mph).

#7 Dinosaur Bone Infused I-Pad


Price: $8 million

First, this iPad’s is coated with 24ct gold, weighing in at 2 kilograms. The Apple logo is recreated on the back in the same gold, then its decorated with 12.5ct flawless diamonds, totally 53. It also features gold logo and backing, 53 gems and “sections of a 65 million year old T-REX thigh bone of Dinosaur” , amazing!!.

#6 Dark Knight Home Theater


Price: $2,000,000

This extravagant Dark Knight-inspired home theater is the latest concept design by Elite Home Theater Seating. The Canadian company is better known for manufacturing luxury theater seating. It is currently being built into a 12,000 sq. ft. home in Greenwich, Conn. The room includes a 180-inch movie screen, a series of accessories inspired by the film like gargoyles and a cylinder-shaped elevator, that touts the bat symbol.

#5 The Emperor 200


Price: $44,750

A real world, hand-built offspring of Senator Palpatinian aesthetics with Matrix-style utility, the MWE Lab Emperor 200 aims to be the ultimate all-in-one place to work from: electric actuators, an Android-powered touch screen control center, HEPA air filtering system, light therapy, electric powered leather seat, up to 3 x 27″ LED screens and surround sound, Windows or OS X.

#4 BBQ Boat


Price: $50,000

This is the boat with a built-in barbecue grill, umbrella, and trolling motor that provides waterborne cookouts for up to 10 adults. Seating up to 10 people, this 24 ft. floating creation with a 30 Watt outboard motor can be manoeuvred at up to 2 1/2 mph through calm water and alongside docks for loading/unloading. So this all sounds like fun and games, only as long as you get past the sticker shock: $50,000.

#3 Killer Whale Submarine


Price: $100,000

Dominate the ocean with reckless abandon with this killer whale submarine. This amazing two person submersible powerboat is the whale style version of the Seabracher boats. At long last, you can experience the awesome feeling the “Willy” felt when he was freed!

#2 Batmobile Replica


Price: $120,000

Atomic batteries to power, turbines to enhance the speed is the main dimensions of its uniqueness. If you really want to strike a thunder of fear into Gotham City’s master criminals, then you need a Batmobile. But remember not just any Batmobile, you need a fully-loaded replica based on the iconic 1966 mean machine that was driven by Adam West in the classic TV series. KAPOW! This “officially licensed replica” is decked out with a Batphone, Rader screen, “Detect-a-Scope” and rocket exhaust flamethrower.

#1 Flying Hovercraft


Price: $190,000

Able to glide over land and water and soar through the air, this $190,000 flying hovercraft could be the ultimate millionaire’s toy. The bright yellow amphibious and airborne vehicle features a 130 horsepower twin-cylinder, liquid-cooled engine and can hit speeds of up to 70 miles per hour. The craft can take to the air in short bursts and reach heights of fifty-feet above the water, ice or land.


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