Turkish Engineers Just Made A Real-Life Driveable BMW Transformer (Video)

The engineering world has reached to a height from where we cannot even look at this place called ‘impossible’ on the ground. Now get ready to see a real life working transformer. You will love this. Take a look…

#2 The Transformers


All of us know transformers, all of us have seen transformers and all of us know that the Transformers franchise is fictional. Well, not anymore. A group of Turkish engineers decided to do something extraordinary with all the knowledge of science and sci-fi movies they have. They came up with an idea that’ll please millions out there. Real Life Transformers.

Oh yes. Get ready to enjoy the transformers in real. Something that most of us never thought will happen. It is made by a Turkish company called Letrons. And let me tell you, these transformers look far more better than what you or I would’ve ever imagined. It looks great and at the same time, it works great as well.

Keep reading ahead to see these transformers. 

#1 The Video



As you can see in the video below, these transformers are functional. Well ok, maybe not FULLY functional. I mean, it doesn’t battle Decepticons, or fly, or well, move, at least not when it’s in robot mode, although you can still drive it around via remote control when its in car mode and that is great.

After watching the video below, even you’d want one, seriously! We can’t tell you how much they cost right now but we’re guessing they’re not cheap thanks to the way they look and function. Let’s just wait for a great full-fledged update in these life-like transformers in future. But right now, you need to see the video that’ll make you crazy without wasting any time.

So, checkout the video here and let us know your views in the comments section below.

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