VIDEO: Check This Out! A TIMBERJACK WALKING MACHINE That Looks Like It has Come Out Of A Sci-Fi Film!

This timberjack walking machine can easily be sourced in to create some of the best moments in cinema by possibly the best Sci-Fi directors in the world. This is how amazing this machine is. Take a look…

#2 This Amazing Machine


The movie industry has so far has produced enough movies to put on display some of the weirdest machines man can ever see. Sci-Fi is an evolved genre and right from your Star Wars to Star Trek to Avengers to X-men etc has shown some of the most unbelievable machines we’ve ever seen. The machines we have for real are no where close to being what we see on screen.

But for a change, here we have a machine for you which is far better and unreal even by our cinema standards even though it’s real. This is really hard and bizarre looking but hey, fun to watch.

Keep reading ahead to see the video of this amazing machine working.

#1 The Video

All things considered, with regards to the last mentioned, I don’t feel that we have had anything like this Timberjack machine, which, pretty much as the title says, would appear that it has left the silver screen, out of some Sci-Fi film. The way it functions is amazing. Just sit back and enjoy this One and a Half minute long madness.

Take a look.

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