VIDEO: He Made A Perfect RC Giant SR-71 Blackbird Remote Control Turbine Jet!

This is something that will excite most of us. This guy made a perfect RC Giant SR-71 turbine Jet. If this isn’t getting you all crazy, I don’t know what will. This works like a dream. Take a look…

#2 RC monster SR-71 Blackbird Turbine Plane


Most of us are really busy in our lives and completely occupied with work that we have to do for survival whereas in reality, we want to do something else. We somehow manage to secrete time on irregular occasions to do stuff that we like, to unwind ourselves from stress.

Then again, a few people take their diversions to a totally other level! Particularly if the interest incorporates building things, or in this particular case, a RC monster SR-71 Blackbird turbine plane!  And Boy Ohhh Boy, this little baby is just what we need to forget all our tensions and problems.

Keep reading ahead to see how this Turbine Jet works.

#1 The Video

The best part about this complicated jet is that it works very smoothly. There are a couple of R/C Airplanes in the video and it is difficult to say which one is the best or top pick, yet this Blackbird stream, a brainchild beginning from the virtuoso personality of Roger Knobel, is undoubtedly amongst the ones that are genuinely ‘competing’ about that position.

Checkout this video and you decide yourself which one is better.



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